“I am standing as an INDEPENDENT because I am incensed by the arrogance of our government who have been petitioned and lobbied by thousands of people – all ignored – apart from negotiating ‘tunnels’.  HS2 MUST BE STOPPED!


I have lived all my life in West London and for the majority in Middlesex. I have been fortunate enough to experience both Selective and Non-Selective education and am aware of the extreme differences between the two.

I remember a time when our Welfare and NHS system was good and not in decline. When leaving education in the early 1960’s, I had multiple job offers and it was very easy to gain employment, keep employment and change roles.

As a previous Tory supporter and voter, I believed that putting pressure on the Trade Unions was a good idea, in retrospect it was not. Employees need good and fair representation to support their interest and help with disputes against employers.

It seems the case now that WE vote for our MP but can not TRUST to vote for US.

Vision for the future

As an Independent I will be working hard to be your voice. I want to see more independents eventually becoming MP’s, even representing our Country’s interests as MEP’s in Europe.

I also want to eventually see MP’s who have had life/work experience and not just career Politician’s who have had privilege lives and do not know the reality of the issues they are making policies on. Nor, have they had the experience many of the impacts their policies have on ‘normal’ people.

I want us to develop and realise the opportunities we enjoyed until late 1980’s and early 1990’s, when the working class became poorer and are still suffering and even middle class are continuing to struggle. I want to see more wealth sharing from the rich to reduce the poverty gap.

I would welcome hearing from you and aim to reply within 24 hours. Please click here.